Floki Infinity AI

Floki Infinity AI is a Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) protocol created for Artificial Intelligence solutions and development.

Smart Reward mechanism, 5% 💲 in the all
transaction return for "FLAI" holders in (BUSD)

About FLAI

Floki Infinity AI is a token developed with the purpose of creating applications for the development and improvement of artificial intelligence. With the beginning of the adoption of AI by a large part of the population, FLAI takes an important step towards success, being one of the first cryptoassets to work with this technology.

Floki Infinity AI features a supply of 1,000,000 tokens, 50% of which was burned 🔥 at launch, and to generate incentive for our community and bring benefits to those who choose Floki Infinity AI, we have a 10% fee in which 5% is allocated in BUSD to "FLAI" holders and 5% is used for marketing and promoting the project.

1 Million Total Supply (50% Burned in the Launch🔥)
Tax 5% Marketing / 5% Rewards (BUSD) to Holders


The "FLAI" mission is to create has applications AI for development in the blockchain technologies, The Floki Infinity AI projects include a plataform integrate in the CHAT GPT4 for creation NFT's based in the AI. Floki Infinity AI will develop a platform for creating a predictive model that will bring increasingly better results through data input within our platform.


Q1 2023 ✅
Development Social Medias

In our first stage we will focus on the development of our social media structure, for dissemination and public reach so that our project can be seen by thousands of people.

Q2 2023
Token Launch ✅

In our launch phase of our "FLAI" token, we will be doing a fair launch on PancakeSwap so that everyone has a chance to acquire the Floki Infinity AI at the same time.

Q2 2023
Listing Tracker

At this stage we will give full focus on listings on tracking platforms, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika among other market giants.

Q3 2023
Audit Report

At this stage, so that our investors have even more confidence and greater security in their investments within "FLAI", we will audit our project.

Q1 2024

After all the formation of our base, we will launch our first AI application, a predictive model for development through tests with data input.

Q2 2024

After the launch of the first application and its monetization we will launch "FLAI" on centralized exchanges to increase the volume of users and movement of the token.